CAUTION: The Remaining Days of August Could Get Really (Really) Wet

So how were you doing in the past couple of days? Are you getting #summerfeels with the hot April weather? You’re maybe wondering but the Philippines is indeed in the middle of the rainy season; it just so happens that southwest monsoon or habagat is taking a good break.

Here’s what happened thus far in August:

  • A high pressure area (HPA) eased up over the Philippine Sea, giving most of the country warm and humid weather.
  • Winds coming from the Indian Ocean were either weak or blocked by the extension of HPA. Most rains had been brief and localized by nature.
  • No low pressure area (LPA) or tropical cyclone (bagyo) had drawn near the landmass.

In short, everything was just going well with us. Even the shooting stars were on our side (Perseids, remember?). However, many models suggest that sunshiny days on most parts of the country will be less likely for the rest of the month. Anyway, August is considered the peak of wet season for a reason.

And here’s what could be in store for the rest of the month, beginning Sunday, August 20:

  • There could be around 2 to 3 weather disturbances inside the Philippine Area of Responsibility (PAR). This may range from LPAs to tropical storms. Jiving with climate records for August, their tracks lean towards Northern Luzon.
  • Due to such disturbances, habagat rains will be prevalent over Luzon and parts of Visayas, especially in the western part. Occasional heavy downpours may lead to flooding in the urban areas and overflowing of rivers. And we are talking of several days!
  • As winds could be gusty in the northernmost parts of the country due to the direct effect of the disturbance, seas may not be welcoming over northern and western Luzon as waves may reach up to about 4 meters high.

As a result, our daily activities for the rest of the month may be affected. Prepare for possible cancellation of classes or suspension of sea ventures and flights.

Regularly check the weather forecast in your area!

Storms and rains may be inevitable but it doesn’t mean we cannot do something about it. Plan your activities and travels ahead by tuning in to the latest weather report HERE. You may also check HERE for the announcement of class suspensions. Whenever possible, postpone your trips in the north especially along the coasts and on mountainous areas. Lastly, always bring umbrella with you – your bestie for the rest of the month.

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